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Water Damage Without An Opening?

Dealing with property damage is never an easy situation. We know that with property damage of any size, comes stress, anxiety, and feelings of being overwhelmed. At Claimly, we care about our customers. We are here to be on your side, offering a helping hand to get you through the claims process quickly, painlessly, and receiving the compensation you deserve.

Not long ago, before deciding to work with Claimly, a client of ours submitted a water damage claim to their insurance carrier.

The client was assigned an insurance adjuster, and the adjuster responded stating that the water was pooling on the policyholder’s roof. “Pooling” in this case means that the water was simply gathering on the roof. The policy had only covers interior water damage if there is an opening through which the water was entering the building. The damage was on the walls, ceiling, and floors. Since the insurance adjuster stated that there was no opening and the water was just pooling, they were ready to deny the claim.

After receiving a “Reservation of Rights” letter and learning that their claim was in jeopardy, the policyholder decided to contact us.

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We reviewed the claim, and read through the clients policy. While reading through the policy, we found in it a clause that read:

“The interior of any building or structure, or to personal property in the building or struc- ture, caused by or resulting from rain, snow, sleet, ice, sand or dust, whether driven by wind or not, unless:

1. The building or structure first sustains damage by a Covered Cause of Loss to its roof or walls through which the rain, snow, sleet, ice, sand or dust enters; or

2. The loss or damage is caused by or results from thawing of snow, sleet or ice on the building or structure.”


Using weather reports, we were able to demonstrate that the interior water damage actually resulted from snow melt. We were able to pinpoint the date of loss to just a few days after 10 inches of snow fell on Brooklyn. The adjuster took a look through our information, and agreed with the conclusion we came to. Because of this, denial was avoided.

The insurance carrier was ready to deny the claim. In fact, they would have been happy to do so. Why you may ask? Because it would have saved them $40,000.

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