Public Adjuster Helps With Tree Damage Claim

Claim Story: Damage From A Fallen Tree

Place: Yonkers, NY

The tree fell onto the house.

It caused damage to the exterior deck…

And possibly the roof, which is pending an inspection by a roof consultant.

In addition the fallen tree, the insured has two dead trees in the backyard.

This is not good.

When – rather than if – these trees fall down…

They’ll cause damage

To the insured’s property…

Or their neighbor’s property…

But a fallen tree can also cause injury…

And guess what!

The homeowner won’t be covered.

They won’t be covered on the property side…

Or on the liability side…

So here’s the lesson:

If you have dead trees, cut them down.

It may cost a bit up front but it will prevent major headaches in the future.

Fortunately for this insured, the tree that fell was a live tree and coverage was provided.

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