How To Report A Property Damage Claim

Step 1:

Call 911, if needed.

Step 2:

Call a mitigation company. Don’t attempt to mitigate damages yourself. Water, fire, smoke, wind, and other perils are hazardous. If you damage is a covered loss, the insurer will pay for mitigation. If you damage is not from a covered loss, you will be responsible for payment. However, you will still be better off because these perils require specialized training to mitigate.

Step 3:

Call your carrier or agent to report the claim.

Step 4:

Make reasonable attempts to preserve property. Do not run into a burning building to save your iPhone.

Step 5:

Take photographs and/or video of the damages if it can be done safety and out of harms way.

Step 6:

Do not make permanent repairs before an adjuster has seen the damage. Furthermore, do not use your neighborhood handy man for the repair effort or do it yourself. Hire a professional.

Step 7:

Do not hire your remodeling contractor to handle mitigation such as cleaning smoke damage, removing water, or drying wet building materials. 90% of remodeling contractors have no idea about restoration and problems will develop.

Step 8:

Temporary repairs are okay, but only if the goal is to prevent further damage. If your claim is covered, temporary repair costs will likely be reimbursed.

Step 9:

Do not sit and wait for your carrier. If you do that, they will likely sit on your claim while working on others from insureds who have spoken up.

Step 10:

Gather receipts, invoices, financial statements, purchase records, etc.

Step 11:

If you’re a homeowner, you will need your mortgagees information. They’re name will likely be printed on the check. If your mortgagee’s has changed since you got your insurance policy, it will delay payment.

Step 12:

Do not throw property away. If you throw property away before your adjuster can verify damages, you will not get paid for it. Even if the damaged item is small and insignificant, do not throw it away.

Get Help With A Claim

Or call 212-359-1642 to schedule your FREE claim review.

Get Help With A Claim

Or call 212-359-1642 to schedule your FREE claim review.