Public Adjuster Helps With Mold Damage Claim

Dealing with property damage is never an easy situation. We know that with property damage of any size, comes stress, anxiety, and feelings of being overwhelmed. At Claimly, we care about our customers. We are here to be on your side, offering a helping hand to get you through the claims process quickly, painlessly, and receiving the compensation you deserve.

Recently, we had client contact us after reporting an insurance claim to their carrier. When they contacted their insurance company, they reported their claim as what they saw—mold.

Unfortunately, they were unaware that mold was explicitly excluded under their current policy. They weren’t aware of this until they received a “reservation of rights” letter, which is basically the letter an insurer will send to policyholder’s when they are likely to deny a claim.

Fortunately, the client had reached out to us. After doing a little research, we were able to prove that the cause of loss in this case was actually NOT mold, but a plumbing leak in the upstairs bathroom. This leak had dripped from the upstairs bathroom, down into the first floor bathroom. The mold in the first floor bathroom was in fact a result of the water leak from the upstairs bathroom. Water leaks, are treated very differently by the insurer.

If the client had decided not to reach out to us, their claim would have been denied. Since they did decide to reach out to us, they were paid $4,000 dollars, and were able to fix the damage in their home at no cost to them.

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