How to successfully navigate the insurance claims process, maximize your recovery, and get your life back after disaster

We help homeowners and businesses with major property damage claims from fire, water, and other causes achieve fair, fast, and full claim settlements.

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Specializing in Large, Complex Losses

A team of the best and brightest claims professionals working for you to help you successfully navigate the insurance claims process.

First-Class Service

Get the quality service you’ve come to expect. Have one point person for all matters pertaining to your claim. We manage everything: calls, meetings, vendors, adjusters, and more – so you don’t have to.

Faster Recoveries

Build relentless momentum toward your recovery with our team. We handle the entire claims process, follow up persistently, and coordinate all parties involved to make progress on your claim daily.

Maximum Compensation

Gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a team of experienced professionals advocating for your interests each step of the way, to help you receive the coverage you deserve.

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Your Trusted Claims Partner

Discover our proven strategy that has helped policyholders get paid up to 2800% more for their property damage claims.

Proven Claim Handling Strategy

When we take new clients, they participate in the Claimly Method, which is our proven 3-pillar claim handling strategy.

The Claimly Concierge – Our clients have one point person for all matters pertaining to their claim. We manage everything: calls, meetings, vendors, adjusters, and more – so they don’t have to.

Estimating Partnership – We get estimates written quickly and accurately, which helps us build momentum in the claims process and achieve faster settlements.

Collaboration – Our Executive Public Adjuster, Claims Manager, Field Manager, and partners work together to facilitate the claims process, develop claims strategies, and provide the best service for our clients. 

Ultimately, our proven claim handling strategy provides our clients with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have a team of experienced claims professionals working together to manage, expedite, and maximize their claim recovery.

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Handling Losses in High Value Properties

Large & Complex Loss Specialists

Condos & Co-ops

We help our clients successfully navigate the issues unique to apartment losses such as coverage disputes involving bylaws interpretation, liability, and access restrictions that can delay and complicate the claims process.


Many townhouses retain original building features and finishes that require a higher level of craftsmanship to restore. We work with our clients to ensure these issues are addressed so that they can get repairs made without cutting corners.


Whether it is a primary residence, secondary home, or rental property, we can handle it. We make sure all appropriate coverages are applied such as building, appurtenant structures, personal property, and loss of use, so you can be made whole.


We handle claims involving apartment buildings, high rises, office buildings, medical offices, medical equipment, retail businesses, business income, restaurants, and more!

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Expertise with Daily and Catastrophe Claims

Residential & Commercial


Pipe breaks, freezes, roof leaks, and accidental overflows. Water damage is the most common loss type. Learn how we helped one of our clients increase their freeze damage settlement from under $11,000 to over $326,000 in our free case study.


Fires can devastate a property, and our team has the experience you need for large, complex claims. Learn how we settled a catastrophic $778,710 fire damage claim involving 6 city agencies, emergency shoring and demolition, asbestos abatement, and more in just 34 days in our free case study.

Storm & CAT

Our team has experience with many of the major storm events from recent history, including Superstorm Sandy in New York and New Jersey, Hurricane Harvey in Texas, Hurricane Irma in Florida, Tropical Storm Isaias in New York and New Jersey, and Winter Storm Uri in Texas – to name a few.


We also handle claims involving theft, ocean-marine, scheduled personal property, lightning, explosion, fallen trees, car crashes involving buildings, and more.

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Licensed Public Adjuster Firm

Client Testimonials

“As a new homeowner my first insurance claim was a disaster . Recently a pipe burst from my ceiling , and it was disastrous . I swiftly called Claimly PA, and was met with extreme professionalism and great communication. McKinley and Jennifer have been great. This has made this situation so smooth and they helped me with coordinating the repair and insurance visit .It’s a pleasure to recommend them. When in doubt , be sure to call them and get sound advice.”

-Ithamar Theogene, Brooklyn, NY

“My home sustained extensive wind damage to the roof and due to missing shingles, in turn caused interior water damage. Dealing with my insurance company was difficult. By the time a settlement was made my claim had been through at least 3 desk adjusters and a field adjuster. I felt the settlement was not adequate. The insurance company contracts with adjusters of their choosing so for a truly independent inspection/assessment I contacted Claimly Public Adjustment. An amended claim was submitted based on the professional efforts of McKinley. A supplemental payment was agreed upon after 2 additional inspections by my insurance company. You need someone who really knows this industry to guide you in protecting your interests in a unbiased way. McKinley provided this exceptional service and for this I highly recommend.”

-Lisa Stewart, Bronx, NY

“My husband and I were referred to Claimly Public Adjustment by a mutual friend who had used their services after a fire broke out in their home and were extremely satisfied with the service and attentiveness they received. After an awful storm this past summer, I reached out to Claimly Public Adjustment, as our roof was absolutely destroyed and I was being stonewalled by my insurance company. Once contracted with Claimily, the process was extremely smooth and organized. The Claimly Team took the reigns and before I knew it my claim had been settled for even more than I anticipated and I now have a beautiful new roof just in time for this insanely cold winter season.”

-Lauren Houston, Westchester, NY

“Claimly Public Adjustment came to the rescue when fire caused major damage to the inside of my Grocery Store. They helped to guide me through the entire process and fought hard with the Insurance Company to make sure that my family received what we deserved. Claimly Public Adjustment is the best company to have in your corner and I would give them 10 stars if I could. If you end up choosing Claimly to fight on your behalf, you will be in great hands.”

-Niurka Cabrera, New York, NY

“When the unthinkable happened and the hot water baseboard heat malfunctioned flooding our home of 33 years, our insurance company was anything but helpful. My husband and I were a thousand miles away, where he was undergoing chemotherapy and too ill to return to our flooded home. Jennifer was very helpful, assisting us, answering our questions, and most importantly challenging the insurance company.”

-Ginny Nuffer, Olean, NY

“When a pipe burst in my Westchester, NY home, rendering my home essentially unlivable, I immediately called my insurance carrier to report the incident. I had never dealt with a situation like this and falsely believed that my insurance company in which I diligently paid years worth of insanely high premiums to, would stand behind me. What I received was nothing short of a nightmare. I reached out to Claimly Public Adjustment to inquire about their services and immediately knew I would be in good hands. They navigated my claim with precision. To my surprise a claim that took me almost 7 months with no movement rendered a substantial insurance payment in less than 2 months once I procured Claimly’s services. If I could give anyone in a similar awful situation advice it would be to secure the services of Claimly Public Adjustment ASAP.”

-Alex Vaucheret, Westchester, NY

“I’ve worked with Claimly Public Adjustment regarding several claims in New York and New Jersey. This company is very knowledgeable about property claims and the claims process. They are an invaluable resource for anyone who has sustained damage to their home or business.”

-Joseph Grunberger, Brooklyn, NY

“McKinley represented me as a public adjuster to my insurance company due to some water damage that occurred to my Co-Op unit here in NYC in 2018. As someone who personally understands construction and how expensive it is to repair damaged apartments in the city I felt frustrated by the lack of realistic damage estimates by my insurance carrier, so when McKinley took over it was a huge relief because he was able to help ensure that everything was accurately being accounted for and priced correctly.

I really trusted McKinley’s responsiveness, knowledge about the claims process, and in the end he was also able to sucessfully recover more of the damages than the insurance company was originally offering me by 25%. Overall McKinley made the process much more transparent and I really trusted his guidance of how to deal with the claims process and the insurance company. Anyone looking for a public insurance adjustor should very strongly consider hiring McKinley, I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

-John Tapp, Queens, NY

“McKinley, thank you so much for providing the suggestions and recommendations regarding my insurance claim. Your experience, knowledge and insight were clearly communicated and invaluable. I will definitely recommend your services. Navigating through the insurance claim process is completely stressful and you certainly helped walk me through this with the proper tools and skills.”

-Janet Larrain, Staten Island, NY

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