Coronavirus Business Interruption Coverage

If your business has been interrupted by the Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid-19), you may be eligible for business interruption coverage under your existing business insurance policy.

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Coronavirus Business Interruption

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has caused tremendous harm to small businesses across the country, but especially in New York.

In order to “flatten the curve” and to minimize the deadly effects of the novel coronavirus, inessential New York Businesses such as gyms, nail salons, retailers, and more have been ordered closed until further notice.

The financial losses are staggering. Livelihoods are threatened, and there is no end in sight.

However, if you purchased a business insurance policy before the pandemic hit, you may have coverage for Business Interruption losses due to the pandemic.

Your business insurance policy may include coverage for Business Interruption during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If it does, you can file a loss of income claim.

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Business Interruption Coverage

Many commercial insurance polices are written on an open-peril basis.

Open-peril means that unless the “cause of loss” is specifically excluded, then you have coverage.

Unfortunately, getting your losses paid is much more difficult.

You need an expert to help you navigate the claims process.

For business interruption to kick in, generally you need to have a “covered peril” trigger the business interruption coverage.

Insurance adjusters are often incentivized to deny or underpay claims pertaining to business interruption, and they will attempt to use any word in the policy against you to minimize their company’s loss exposure.

Insurance carriers are hastily writing Denial Letters when policyholders are actually afforded coverage under their policy.

There can be many other clauses, exclusions. and opportunities for coverage found in your business insurance policy.

We can help you make sense of your policy.

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