About Claimly Public Adjustment

Since 2018, our firm has been mastering the art and science of claims handling. In that time, we and our estimating partners have been involved with over $200 million in property claims. We’re here to use that knowledge to help you successfully navigate the insurance claims process.

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Who We Help

We help commercial and residential policyholders who have sustained sudden and significant damage to their properties from water, fire, wind, or other causes. We only work with policyholders who have large losses of at least $50,000. These losses are often complex, take time to resolve, involve many moving parts, which makes the claims process challenging to navigate alone without a professional to lead the way.

What We Do

We help these policyholders successfully navigate the insurance claims process, achieve maximum claim settlements, and get paid faster for their damages after experiences disaster. We do this by using our proven claim handling strategy that we call The Claimly Method, which combines our Claim Concierge Service, exclusive estimating partnership with Empire Estimators, and Team Collaboration to build tremendous momentum in the claims process for our clients.

Our Philosophy

The following key principles guide our claim handling strategy:

1. Expertise: Each claim is different. We treat each one with the attention, steadiness, and thoroughness it deserves to handle to claim with skill and care.

2. Professionalism: We treat all clients and claim stakeholders with professional respect and courtesy at all times, and we expect the same in return.

3. Persistence: We work diligently to advance the interests of our clients during each step of the claims process, and we are resolute about getting results for our clients.

4. Character: Honesty and integrity are the bedrock of our claims handling strategy.

5. Speed: When we handle a claim, we set the claim in motion and build relentless momentum in the claims process for our clients.

6. Customer Service: We work with our clients to develop a unique claim strategy that works for them. We handle everything claim-related and maintain communication channels so that our clients always know their claim status.

Our Team

McKinley McNair
Founder and 

Jennifer Kosiba
Executive Public Adjuster
Director of Claims

Tiffany Mosca
Executive Assistant

Patrick Benjamin
Associate Public Adjuster

Jonathan Martinez

Trevor Claraty

Contacting us

The best ways to contact us are provided below:

Office Address (By Appt. Only)
Claimly Public Adjustment, LLC
450 Park Ave South, 3rd Floor
New York, New York 10016

Mailing Address
Claimly Public Adjustment, LLC
228 Park Ave South, PMB 25416
New York, New York 10003

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